Your probably wondering who the 'Junior Cyclist' actually is. I am an U19 road cyclist from Wodonga. I first started riding in about year six when I rode the 5 km to school ( I didn't make it all the way home though dad had to pick me up). In year seven I got my first mountain bike for my birthday and started riding with my friends every weekend. 

Then one day at school there was an announcement for a road bike race, I thought that sounded like an easy way to get a day off, so I went along to the race. With two laps to go in the race some ones foot came off there pedal and every one slowed down to miss him, luckily I was scarred and siting at the back with a bit of a gap to everyone else so I didn't have to slow down. I wen't for it and held off the chasing pack. Because I won the race I got to go through to the state round in Geelong, I don't really remember what happened in that race  but i've been road bike racing and training ever since then.

So fast forward three years and that is where we are now. I am apart of the Lavington panthers cycling club and I now have a coach ( the school teacher who told me about the first race). I ride almost every day of the week, either on my mountain bike, on the way to school or out training on the road.


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