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For the first time in 6 weeks I didn't have to travel to the race in the car. This was because this week I decided to do the local club race for the first time this season. I was meant to race in Wangaratta because their club race was on the same course as this year's state championships but during the week I started having a sore right quadricep (specifically the IT band) and therefore I decided to stay home and not hurt it further. 

I didn't end up missing out on too much, though the club race was hard (I averaged 88.3% of my Max Heart Rate). The race was a handicap which meant we had to make up 12 minutes on the front group. In my group there was five riders and we worked well together. Our group averaged 41.9 kph from the start until the turn around with a bit of a tailwind. Some riders were starting to struggle and on the way back we were starting to slow down. One rider (Brendan Washington) obviously sensed this and tried to go on alone. I wasn't expecting the attack and went too late to try and go with the move. The four of us left in the group continued to work together trying to bring Washo back, but we couldn't manage it. Coming in to the finish I wasn't really worried about my position, I just tried to keep pushing my self. I managed to hit 93% of my max HR and felt like I was going to throw up as I went across the line. I ended up with 10th, but the result didn't really matter as I was just trying to push myself as hard as I could which I think I managed.

Even though the race was so hard I decided to do a bit extra. After the race dad motor-paced me for 15 minutes at an average of 40 kph. This made the ride a solid 68 km in 2 hrs and 12 minutes.

Ride With GPS Link: http://ridewithgps.com/trips/1252008

Full Results: http://www.alburywodongacycling.com/home/2013/4/20/club-racing-week-3.html  

On Sunday the plan was to do a 60km ride in the morning with a friend but I couldn't be bothered to get up so I ended up going with dad in the afternoon. We did a loop through Albury, almost out to the weir and back in to Wodonga. One good thing to come out of the ride was that I figured out what was causing the soreness in my IT band. It turns out that when I changed the cleats on my shoes before Baw Baw the right one was not far enough forward which was causing me to over extend my leg and stretch the IT band. Even though we only moved the cleat a few millimeters forward the pain completely went away. It shows that little things can cause lots of pain while bike ridding and why a good fit is so important.

04/21/2013 10:35pm

Hi Ryan,
Sounds like you had a tough day on saturday. Very interesting reading what you're doing


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