As I awoke at 6:15 on Saturday morning it was still dark, but not as cold as I expected. It was the first time in a long time I've done one of the plant farm rides. I soon encountered one of the biggest challenges of a plant farm ride, deciding how to dress. This is a challenge because the ride gets warmer as you go along so it's hard to not be too cold at the start and not too hot at the end. For example on this particular ride it was 10 ºC when I started dropped down to 8 ºC. and finished at 21 ºC.  I ended up getting it right though which was good. 

The ride ended up being roughly 4 hours and 117 km which was good considering my training plan said to do between 100 - 120 km. We rode from Wodonga through Tangambalanga to Yackandandah down Indigo Creek road and back home. The ride ended up being pretty good except that four people got flats and I couldn't attack / follow the moves off the front because I still had another ride in the afternoon.

After the first ride I got home had a recovery drink, a shower, lunch and then started packing to go to Wangaratta for their club time trial in the afternoon. We got to Wangaratta and signed on for the race. I went to start warming up for the race and realised I had forgotten something. My bag that had everything in it. My shoes, my helmet and my glasses. This didn't stop me though we found some one that had a spare pair of shoes that were only 1 or 2 sizes to big and a Kmart helmet that was in the club shed. 

The forgotten bag.
This race was important for a few reasons. It was on the same course as the state title later in the year, it was my first on the new TT bike and I suck at time trials so I need as much practice as I can get. The main aim of the race was to try and work on my pacing as this is the area I struggle most with in a time trial.

The aim with the pacing was to try and hold my heart rate at 88% of my max (181 bpm) on the flats go slightly above this on the hills and slightly below on the downhills and go as hard as I could for the last 2 km. I felt that I got my pacing from the start to the first turn around right (segment 1). But I backed off too much on the down hill bits (yellow circles below) and maybe need to start going hard for all of segment three instead of just the last 2 km.

Johanna Allen
04/28/2013 11:30pm

Hi Ryan,
You had a pretty big day on sunday. You're keen. You did well to come 2nd seeing you had to borrow some gear. What are you doing next week. I enjoy reading what you've been up to

Johanna Allen
04/28/2013 11:32pm

Sorry Ryan, saturday, not sunday.


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